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New Land Formation Tool

This past spring, we were one of three local rice growers to use a GPS scraper that hit the market this year.  It's called the Swingblade, and it's made by IronTree Solutions, who operate out of Williams.

We covered an average of 100 acres per day with the Swingblade, including the transport time between fields.  The speed at which this implement can go in and out of transport mode was one of the biggest selling points for us.  Gone are the days of 30-40 minute work stoppages, to put the scraper into transport mode.  With the Swingblade the whole process takes two or three minutes.  

You can see  how fast the process really is, and learn other selling points about the Swingblade in this video.

We've kept our Swingblade running into the summer, pulling levees and re-leveling several of our fallow fields.  It's a great tool, that works fast and effectively.