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We are a family owned and operated, vertically integrated rice growing operation based in Northern California.

707 Main St - Colusa, CA 95932

California Heritage Mills, Inc.


Our fathers and grandfathers were agronomists as well as farmers.   They studied the latest scientific knowledge in plant propogation and produced crops with technology primitive by today’s standards.   We learned from them and we built upon what they passed on to us.


We added “businessman” to agronomist and farmer as our job descriptions.   We learned that in the modern era we needed business skills as well as agronomic skills in order to be successful. We studied business in universities, in addition to agronomy.  In that light we learned that vertical integration would be an important way for us to grow and prosper.   So we studied the rice milling and marketing industry for years, joined with other like minded growers, and formed California Heritage Mills, Inc.    The purpose of that venture was simple.   We wished to capture the profits that are generated at the milling and marketing level.


The business model of CHM is different than any other mill or marketing company in California:  

·         We only market our own production. 

·         We do not buy rice from other growers or institutions. 

·         We are a corporation, not a cooperative.

·         We return profits to our grower owners on a per hundredweight delivered basis, not by stock holdings.

·         We are a closely held company and all internal information, including final returns, are confidential. 


We believe that CHM is on the leading edge of a new dynamic in the industry.  We believe that other growers will observe our company and join with us or will emulate our model by forming their own grower owned milling/marketing companies.   The idea is simple; return profits generated throughout the supply chain to the producer owners, rather than to investor owners.



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CHM ownership decided to revive the abandoned Comet Mill in Maxwell, California.   The restoration process of that site was a tremendous undertaking.  The old, out-dated equipment was removed, the facility was deep cleaned floor to ceiling, and every interior surface was repainted and refurbished.

There was no across the board brand loyalty with the new milling equipment CHM brought in.  Each piece was carefully selected, based on its individual superiority in performance.  This resulted in a unique combination of tools that make CHM the most modern, and efficient facility in the industry.


After only one year of being fully operational, California Heritage Mills has succeeded in selling and shipping rice all over the world.   CHM has customers in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.  Locally it can be found in Save-Mart, Seafood City, and several other retail outlets.

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