Richter AG

an association of agricultural companies

We are a family owned and operated, vertically integrated rice growing operation based in Northern California.

707 Main St - Colusa, CA 95932

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The Richter AG farming operation consists of several thousand acres of rice land scattered around Colusa and Butte Counties.  We grow medium grain Calrose, and premium short grain varieties.  

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Richter AG is more than just a rice growing operation.  We partnered with other rice growers to vertically integrate into other tiers of the rice industry.  This includes California Heritage Mills, a state of the art milling, packaging, and marketing company; and Ridgetop Warehouse, a drying and storage facility.



Charles Frederick Richter was born on May 29, 1839 in Prussia, near the city of Lübeck.  He immigrated to America in 1867, arriving in New York.  In 1870 he traveled to California by ship and by a difficult foot crossing of the Isthmus of Panama.  He arrived in San Francisco by ship in 1871.   As he was interested in farming he traveled to Colusa County to seek out farm land, build a home, and start a family.

Sophia Claassen was born on August 23, 1853 in Lübeck, Prussia. At the age of 18 she immigrated to New York with her mother, surviving a fire at sea aboard the steamship carrying them to the New World.   Charles’ sister Matilda met Sophia in New York and made introductions.  In 1876 Sophia and her mother traveled to California to join Charles.  They were married on December 28, 1876.

That union began the Richter family in Colusa County. Charles and Sophia had two sons (Charles and Frederick) and two daughters.  The descendents of the two sons continue to farm in Colusa County and are proud of the legacy of family patriarch and matriarch Charles and Sophia Richter that 175 years later has become Richter AG.